Tanzanite gemstone
Natural Tanzanite stone
Tanzanite stone
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Tanzanite Gemstone - 7.46cts/ Cushion

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Type: Gemstone

Natural tanzanite gemstone is an embodiment of wisdom, dignity, truth, and spiritual mastery. 

  1. Name : Tanzanite Stone
  2. Shape : Cushion 
  3. Weight : 7.46cts
  4. Dimension : 12.12x10.15x7.06
  5. Price : 220/cts 
  6. Certification ; Upon Request 


Perfect Shine Gems is a world-renowned global gemstone store that offers a brilliant tanzanite gemstone collection, sourced ethically and sustainably from regions of Tanzania. This alluring cushion-cut tanzanite stone is one among Perfect Shine Gems' collection of precious natural gemstones. 

Furthermore, with a decade of experience in natural gemstone craftsmanship and worldwide safe delivery, Perfect Shine Gems stands as the perfect place to buy tanzanite stone online.

Tanzanite Gemstone - 7.46cts/ Cushion

Tanzanite Gemstone - 7.46cts/ Cushion